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Building on 22 years of fisheries experience, Andy has won £1.6 million of fisheries grants and supported over 100 projects supported in 2 years.

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About Andy

Andy is a specialist Business Adviser working with fisheries and coastal businesses, with extensive knowledge of the fisheries industry, grants and funding mechanisms.

Over twenty years working in the fishing industry on boats, in financing and in grant application management, Andy has gained a national reputation for being an a-list problem solver. He has the knowledge and experience to help in most situations and if he doesn’t have the answers, he’ll know someone who does. That someone is usually a leading specialist and is often not available to anyone else.

In the last 2 years Andy has:

  • Won £1.6 million of fisheries funding for coastal Businesses.
  • Worked on 100 projects for everyone from individual boat owners to port infrastructure organisations.

In the last 22 years he has:

  • Worked on boats for 5 years
  • Spent 10 years in fisheries business banking
  • Spent 7 years as a fishing-industry business advisor

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